WWF Le Oasi, photographs by Milo Ramella


WWF – Le Oasi

photographs by:

Milo Angelo Ramella

Critical text:

Evanescent white: snow-covered tundras, boreal forests and glassy skies are the setting for fairytale encounters made in the silence of nature, where every glance and every gasp conceal a moment of life stolen from the inhabitants of hidden places.

Bianco evanescente (Evanescent white) is only a small part of a much larger project that visits and tells the daily life of wild animals in their natural habitat, telling with a personal vision what the thought of a traveler in love with these remote places creates.

Milo Angelo Ramella, ha avuto riconoscimenti in concorsi nazionali ed internazionali della fotografia naturalistica come esponente del mondo Fiaf quali: National Geographic, Trieremberg, Siena international photo art, Oasis, Montphoto, Nature images awards, Nature photofestival di Montier en Der.


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