“Il rigore dello sguardo”, 3M Foundation


Il rigore dello sguardo (The rigor of the gaze)

edited by:

Roberto Mutti

created with works from the archive:

Fondazione 3M

photographs by:

Gabriele Basilico, Gianni Berengo Gardin, Gianni Borghesan, Piergiorgio Branzi, Mario Finazzi, Franco Fontana, Ferruccio Leiss, Elio Luxardo, Giancarla Pancera, Lucrezia Roda, Chiara Samugheo, Roberto Spampinato, Gianna Spirito, Lia Stein, Federico Vender

Critical text:

The photographic shots are like musical notes: when combined with rigor, they reach that balance suggested by the rules of geometry that for the ancients was the art of harmoniously defining spaces.

The archive of the 3M Foundation, large and varied, contains many photographs whose careful composition is the result of that rigor of the gaze that unites the authors of the past linked to black and white to contemporary ones closest to color. In this exhibition, you will find works created in different eras by famous authors and by other younger ones in a landscape that aims to push the observer to the pleasure of viewing.

We start with photographers who measure themselves with architecture both in the way that allowed Gabriele Basilico to become a classic, Gianni Berengo Gardin to follow in his footsteps here, Ferruccio Leiss to read Venice in a magical way, and Gianna Spirito and Lia Stein to tackle the theme with a strong contemporary taste.

The search for an unusual look at everyday life unites classic photographers such as Marco Borghesan, Piergiorgio Branzi, Roberto Spampinato and curious-looking women such as Chiara Samugheo and Giancarla Pancera in the choice of daring perspectives from top to bottom or vice versa. Franco Fontana, Federico Vender and Mario Finazzi dedicated themselves to the most daring researches in reading the natural and urban landscape as a space of essentiality, Elio Luxardo in interpreting fashion with flair, the young Lucrezia Roda in playing with shapes to the point of touching abstraction.

Roberto Mutti


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