Graziano Perotti , Cuba

The reportage is both an important commitment for the Pavia photographer, rewarded by numerous reports published in Italy and beyond, and a great passion.

Graziano Perotti is one of those authors who know how to emerge thanks to an almost instinctive gift that allows him to observe the world (beloved India but also Yemen, Asia, Europe, Latin America, all countries visited as a correspondent) transforming it into images of great intensity, both when he uses the spectacular potential of the color he has mastered (just think of his ability to enter the charm of the shadows) and when he dedicates himself to the classic black and white.

The careful colors, the compositional care and the narrative rhythm of his reportages are inserted in a broader context characterized by the deep knowledge of the reality he photographs. His images always retain the delicacy and expressive force typical of high-class reportage.

Roberto Mutti
Photographic critic of “La Repubblica”
Professor of photography history and criticism at the Teatro alla Scala Academy in Milan
Lecturer at the Italian Institute of Photography


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