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2021 the Change!

An art exhibition is traditionally a space where art objects meet an audience. Often the atmosphere created by introducing works of art into structures that, due to history or architecture, resonate with the works themselves, is unrepeatable and exciting.
Unfortunately, these exhibitions or performances are almost always temporary.

Shomii.ART has therefore created a virtual reality platform to extend this same emotion over time and space.

The virtual Shomii.ART gallery allows all curators to offer an extension of their exhibition in 3D. Presenting art in virtual spaces offers a substantially richer and more emotional experience than a common 2D online presentation.

For your collection

What do we create?

3D Virtual Galleries in which to exhibit your most significant works or to create your own temporary exhibition.

What does it include?

A high definition video, an APP for smartphones, a virtual gallery for computers.

A few examples?

The UCAI Milano Exibith “Tempi Sospesi”: the video ucai milano, the galleriy 3D for browsers and the Android APP.

How much does it cost?

The cost depends on how many works are exhibited. Ask for a quote, without obligation: +393358015561 or Whatsapp

Ph. by Graziano Perotti – Project iGIGANTI, photoSHOWall

Shomii.ART is a complete service for the creation of 3D Virtual Galleries

Shomii galleries are a 3D environment built to host your art collections, an interactive space that can be visited simply via computer, tablet or smartphone.

The use of 3D viewers is not mandatory.

ART invades new spaces

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SHOMII is a project in partnership with photoSHOWall, the photographic wall


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